Best Animes to Watch While Travelling

Travelling is a hobby for lot of people, If you are an ardent anime fan like me who want to watch some good animes while you are travelling. I made quite a list of animes from my recommendation. Please let me know about your favorite Animes using Comments section.

One Punch Man

One Punch Man is a story of Saitama the Protogonist, Where he could defeat anyone with a single punch. In the recent times it is one of the best animes ever made. Currently, One Punch Man Season 2 is in production

Little witch academia

Little Witch Academia takes place at Luna Nova Magical Academy a prestigious school for young girls training to become witches. Having been inspired by a witch named Shiny Chariot, a girl named Atsuko Kagari enrolls at Luna Nova Magical Academy to become a witch, but struggles due to her non-magical background. This all changes when she discovers the Shiny Rod, a powerful magic relic left behind by Chariot.
The Devil is a Part-Timer

Death Note

Although Death Note ended 10 years ago, But the Anime is quite popular and famous among the anime fans. The story revolves around Light Yagami who can kill anyone by writing their name in the “Death Note” book.

Ouran high school host club

Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student at the prestigious Ouran Academy, a fictitious high school for rich kids located in Bunkyo, Tokyo. Looking for a quiet place to study, Haruhi stumbles upon the abandoned Third Music Room, a place where the Ouran Academy Host Club, a group of six male students, gathers to entertain female “clients” with sweets and tea. During their initial encounter, Haruhi accidentally knocks over and breaks an antique vase value and is told to repay the cost in service to the club as an errand boy. Haruhi’s short hair, slouching attire and gender-ambiguous face cause her to be mistaken by the hosts for a male student. After a brief run as such, the Hosts soon realize that she’s a “natural” in entertaining girls and promote her to full-Host status She agrees since Hosting will help her pay off her debt more quickly. The members of the club discover her true gender one by one, but they keep this fact a secret.
Attack on Titan

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