Here’s how to Download Instagram Photos while Travelling

If you are traveling, one of the things we do a lot while traveling is take pictures to save them as a memory. Now with the advancement of technology we look for inspiration on sites such as Instagram on how to take Images. But, If you wanna save a picture on Instagram it’s literally hard. Because by default Instagram doesn’t lets you save your Images on your device, There is no feature on Instagram that can let you download Images. Here’s a simple hack i’ll share you to save those Inspirational Images in your “camera roll”

I will show you three different ways, through which you can download Instagram Images.

1. Using Online tools (Recommended)

  1. Go to and Copy the URL of the Image you’re looking to download
  2. Go to and Paste the URL and hit on the download button.
  3. Your Download links will be created, Scroll to bottom and Click Download to Save your Images.

2. Using View Source

  1. Go to the Instagram Image you’re looking to download,
  2. Right click and select “View-Source” option and then search for .jpg file
  3. Click on it and save it.

3. Using Screenshot

You can screenshot the image as well, But i don’t recommend it as you will lose the original quality of the image.


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