Top 5 Tips for First Time Travellers

Travelling is a hobby for many people, Many people would like to visit different places and visit different parts of the world, they all have their reasons. For some people travelling makes their mind open, learn about different cultures and various things in their life, Some people would like to show off on Social Media.

If you want to become a traveler and has no clue from where to start this might be the good resource to learn few things about your first travel.

1. Do your Pre-travel Research

Always do this, If you are going to a country let’s say “Thailand” or “Indonesia”, both countries are cheap tourist destinations. First research a bit about the country, Like if it’s a strict place (or) Religious place (or) are these people as open as the Western countries. This way, you can know the things which won’t land you in trouble. For example, there is a place in Indonesia called ACEH where the Islamic Sharia Law is imposed, under this law no one should commit adultery or having pre-maritial relationships isn’t allowed. Anyone who don’t obey the law would be canned. So,it’s better to know a bit about the country before you land in the country.

2. Check for the Best Hotels / Flight Ticket Deals

Everyone likes to save money, So if you spend some time on the Internet and spend few minutes researching then you can save some good amount of money. There are lots of apps these days which can give you great deals, don’t forget to check them out and speaking of flight ticket deals SkyScanner is one of the best website to get the best deals. Just put your arrival and Departure destinations and it’ll show you all the flights flying and you can see the Filter and adjust according to your requirement.

3. Check VISA Details

Make sure to check whether the country you are visiting need to pay any extra visa fees on arrival. Generally, for VOA you need to pay Additional 30$ fee so make sure to keep the required change

4. Money Changer / Money Exchange

Always convert your local currency to USD in the nearest banks or Western Union because they have good exchange rate, if you exchange money at the airport they’ll charge 10 Cents for every dollar. If you are exchanging 5000 USD then you’ll lose around 500$. So always exchange money at the Banks or Western union.

5. Use Apps to Avoid getting cheated

Since, you are in a foreign country most of the taxi drivers or tuk-tuk drivers tries to trick you as you don’t know the price per km in that country. So,Better use Travelling Apps like Go-JEK for Indonesia where the app will calculate based on the kilometers and traffic.

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